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CASIO PX-780 88 Key Digital Piano Black With Bench
Price RM6,950.00
Product SKU CASPX780 BK
Brand Casio
Size (L x W x H) 35.1 cm x 135.5 cm x 77.2 cm
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If you're looking for a digital piano for the home, striking a balance can be tedious. The feel of weighted, springless keys and the resonance and clarity of an acoustic piano can be difficult to match up with compact, subtle design. The Privia range from Casio is designed with these exact needs in mind, and the latest addition to the series, the PX-770, is no exception.


Casio have long maintained a 'piano first' philosophy, the belief that all of the keyboards and pianos they produce should mirror the same professional-class look, feel and vital features of their most advanced instruments. You may have heard of the AiR sound engine and Tri Sensor II keyboard action, both of which are familiar faces in the home / digital piano categories. After extensive tweaks and optimisation, they've formed the core of the PX-770's design along with Casio's signature educational features.

You'll be able to learn, practice and record at lower volumes without sacrificing articulation or feel thanks to the dynamic 8W amplifiers, coupled with 12cm speakers. Play alongside a full orchestra in the comfort of your own home, at whatever volume you choose, whilst retaining a rich, resonant and uncompromising sound.

Building on these key aspects, Casio have subtly re-designed the exterior of the PX-770, so its sleek edges and minimalist aesthetic will be right at home in your living room.

Connect With Casio's Free Chordana PlayApp

In addition to all the built-in features, Casio have added Chordana Play App Compatibility for iOS and Android, opening up a world of connectivity. With the Chordana Play app you can use your iOS or Android device to learn to play, adjust the settings of your piano, read digital music and more.

AiR Technology

All built-in tones in the Privia Pianos are created using AiR  (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) Technology. The AiR processor utilizes grand piano samples recorded at four dynamics sampling to deliver grand piano sounds with long natural decays and remarkable expression.

AiR tones also feature the subtleties that form a piano's sound, including hammer response and something called natural string resonance which recreates the sound of the sympathetic strings when the damper pedal is raised. This gives the piano's sound its classic rich tone and resonance.

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

The PX-770 has a spring-less hammer system that feels similar to an acoustic grand piano. When the time is right for you to move onto bigger things, you'll be suitably prepared for the natural playing experience of weighted keys. A naturally firm touch is graded with the lower notes feeling a little heavier than the higher notes, Just like the real thing.


  • Keyboard: 88 keys, Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard , Simulated ebony and ivory keys, 3 sensitivity levels,
  • Tones: Sound Source : Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR, Polyphony (maximum) : 128, Number of Built-in Tones : 19
  • Simulator: Hammer Response, Damper Resonance, Damper Noise
  • Digital Effects: Reverb, Chorus, DSP
  • Songs: Concert Play - 10 songs, Controller - Start / Stop, Mode - Listen / Lesson / Play, Music Library - 60 Songs, Song Expansion (User Songs) - 10 songs (max.) Up to approximately 90 KB / song
  • Additional Features: Connection to app, Lesson Function - Part ON / OFF, Lesson Part Select - Right hand, Left hand, MIDI Recorder - 2 tracks, 1 song, Approximate Data Capacity - Approximately 5,000 notes total, Duet Mode, Octave Shift - ±2 octaves, Metronome - 0 to 9 beats; tempo range : 20 to 255, Pedals - 3 built-in pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • Key Transpose: 2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
  • Number of Preset Temperaments: 17
  • Speakers System: 2-Speaker
  • Included Accessories: AC Adaptor, Music Stand
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CASIO PX-770  & Piano Stool