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Boss DS-1 Distortion Compact Pedal
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Brand Boss
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The classic Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal set the standard for overdrive. It provides a harder distortion effect for guitar and keyboard sounds. Instead of toneless, fuzzy distortion, the DS-1 faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of playing dynamics - at any volume. World renowned musicians like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai swear by it.

If you're new to guitar guitar pedals, or you're just looking to round out your sound, the DS-1 has to be one of the must-have pieces of kit.

Renowned Boss build quality

Boss pedals have a reputation for being built like tanks. You can be sure that however much you drop it, kick it, throw it and jump on it, it'll still come back for more. These pedals constantly survive the rigours of rock 'n' roll touring, and that's why they're seen at the feet of top touring pros everywhere.

Reliability really can be affordable to all. Boss are so sure their compact pedals last the test of time, they cover them with a full five year warranty.

Key Features

  • Legendary distortion used by guitarists everywhere since 1978
  • Classic tones for all types of music
  • Hard-edged attack remains clear even at maximum distortion settings, ideal for heavy rhythms and cutting solos
  • Works great as a booster at low distortion settings
  • Unique tone control offers a wide range of sound shaping
  • Doesn’t mask the unique sound characteristics of different guitars, pickups, and styles
  • Turning down the guitar’s volume cleans up the tone without introducing muddiness

Boss DS-1 Distortion Compact Pedal Specifications

Brand: Boss
Digital/Analogue: Analogue
Power Source: PSU & Battery
Voltage: 9V