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• All features of the legendary SDD-3000 digital delay, packed into a pedal unit.
• Eight distinct delay types including SDD-3000, Analog, Tape, Modern, Kosmic, Reverse, Pitch and Panning.
• The preamp that defined the sound of the SDD-3000 is faithfully reproduced.
• Selectable filters that alter the sound of the delay repeats
• Choose from five types of modulation waveforms that modulate the delay time. You can also create waveforms that interpolate between two types, and make fine adjustments to the waveform.
• Use special sound-shaping techniques such as flanging, chorus, vibrato, doubling, and Doppler effects.
• A wide range of delay times is available, from 1 millisecond to long delays with a maximum of 4,000 milliseconds.
• Sync mode lets you specify the delay time in terms of 11 different note values ranging from whole notes to 32nd notes.
• A total of 80 programs (40 banks x 2 channels) can be saved.
• LCR function lets you create multi-tap delay effects.
• MIDI connectors are provided, allowing you to trigger program changes from an external device, or to transmit program data as a bulk dump to and from other units.
• Seamless bypass and program changes allow you to retain the reverberant sound when switching sounds.
• Reliable true bypass design
• An optional expression pedal can be used to control multiple effect parameters simultaneously


• An amazing 158 types of amps and effects powered by "REMS" modeling technology
• Use up to seven types of effects simultaneously for seemingly endless options
• In addition to 200 preset programs that include numerous stage-ready song preset programs, you can save 200 editable user programs
• 100 rhythm patterns including a metronome, ideal for jam sessions and training
• Auto tuner with easily readable LED meter and backlit LCD for excellent visibility, even in dark locations
• AUX input for connecting your MP3 player enabling you to jam along with your favorite tunes; the AUX pitch function lets you adjust the pitch of the audio input in a range of +/- 1 octave
• Sturdy die-cast body
• Multi-function foot switch can also be used to switch program memories, just like with a single effect unit
• Four program memory buttons allow one-touch recall
• DC9V power supply allows easy integration with your pedal board and the unit will also operate on USB bus power for hassle free integration with your computer
• Sound editor software lets you create sounds and manage programs (downloadable from the Korg website)


• Resurrected under the supervision of the developer of the original model
• New features for today’s musicians have been added
• Discrete design using 79 transistors
• The CdS photoresistor that lies at the heart of the sound is simulated by an original circuit using transistors
• The WAVE sliders allow users to create their own LFO waveforms
• New buffer circuit designed by the developer of the original model
• Battery operation is also supported (six AA batteries allow up to four hours of operation)
• True bypass design that was not provided on the original model
• Dedicated expression pedal is included, allowing the modulation effect to be controlled
• Unlatch switch bypasses the internal circuitry when the effect is off