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The silver Standard-M-SV Standard Keyboard Stand for 73/76-Note Keyboards from SEQUENZ is lightweight and durable to support your keyboard setup. When disassembled, it becomes compact and portable. This stands height, angle, depth, and the number of level tiers (keyboard racks) can be adjusted, letting you create the optimal settings for your equipment set up. The Standard-M-SV is made of chrome-plated steel pipe. It is compatible with these keyboards: KORG Grandstage 88/73, KRONOS2 73, KROME 73, HAVIAN30, and other products within these dimensions and weight limits



The pair of Keyboard Holders for Standard Series Keyboard Stand from SEQUENZ is a dedicated accessory that can be added to a tier (keyboard rack) of a keyboard stand. It allows a single tier to hold multiple items of equipment such as a compact keyboard, a notebook computer, or a small mixer. Additionally, during transportation or when not in use, the holders can fit between the pipes of the tier for compact storage.


Rack up those volcas.

volca racks are all about “volcanomics” (volcas + ergonomics). Up to four (2 x 2 ) volcas can be arranged as desired, all securely in place thanks to durable aluminum framing and rubber legs.

Asymmetrical side panels enable you to flip the rack to be deeper or taller, and it is punctuated with wood ends for sturdiness and great looks.


An adjustable-height bench ideal
for electronic pianos


This is an adjustable bench ideal for performing with an electronic piano or keyboard. It's a four-legged model with adjustable height.


KORG Keyboard Bench JS-SB100 / Keyboard Stool ( SB100 WH)