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A dedicated carrying bag for the SV-1 

This is a dedicated carrying bag that's perfect for transporting the SV-1. Casters and handles make it easy to manage with an additional pocket for stowing music stands or cables.


A dedicated soft case for the KROSS2 88 / KROME 88

A dedicated soft case for easy transport of the 88-key KROSS2 88 or KROME 88. Equipped with thick cushion padding to protect the keyboard, an extra-long handle that lets you also carry the instrument on your shoulder, and casters, ensuring excellent shock-absorption and portability.


A dedicated soft case for the KONNECT


A dedicated soft case designed to let you easily carry the KONNECT. A large opening ensures that you can easily get the instrument into or out of the case. The straps allow one-handed carrying or carrying on both shoulders (the straps are padded, and their length is adjustable), and a suitcase handle attachment (with adjustable length) is also provided, allowing a variety of uses. A side pocket provides convenient storage for an AC adapter or cables. Feet are provided to protect not only the bottom surface when placed horizontally, but also when placed vertically.


A dedicated soft case for transporting a 61-note keyboard such as the EK-50 or Pa300. The hand-carry grip is equipped with cushioning material to ease the strain on the hand or shoulder. The surface is made of rip-stop material that is both durable and lightweight, and the case can also be folded to save space when not in use.


Korg Sift Case SC-EK/PA Series


A dedicated soft case for the Pa900, Pa600, and Pa300.

Features a two-way design for backpack-style or hand-carry. There's also an additional pocket for stowing a music stand or cables.


A dedicated soft case for the minilogue

This is a dedicated soft case, perfect for transporting the minilogue. The iconic slant-design fits the body of minilogue comfortably with a generous layer of cushioning. The exterior of the SC-MINILOGUE is made of durable tarpaulin and features a handy pocket for holding cables. It also includes a strap for carrying by hand, on your shoulder, or as a backpack.


A dedicated soft case for both the KROSS2 61 and KROSS 61

A dedicated soft case that makes it even easier to transport both the lightweight KROSS2 61 and KROSS 61, with a two-way design that allows either backpack or hand-carry use. 
Equipped with thick cushion padding to protect the keyboard. Features a vivid green color scheme.


Korg KingKORG Soft Case


Korg DJ Gigbag


Korg Backpack MP-TB1-RD


Korg Backpack MP-TB1-NV


Korg Backpack MP-TB1-BK


Korg 88-key KROME Soft Case


Korg 73-key KROME Soft Case


Korg 61-key KROME Soft Case