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      Ibanez IJSR190E Bass Guitar Package - Red
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      Ibanez IJSR190E Bass Guitar Package - Red

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      Brand: Ibanez
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      The IJSR190 pack also includes a sturdy gig bag, to protect your instrument when getting to and from lessons or, when you're ready, hitting the road and starting gigging, and a stand to display your bass when not in use. It also includes a pair of headphones, so you can practise without annoying the neighbours, an electronic tuner to help you sound great, a set of picks and a pouch for storing all these great accessories.


      Pack Contents:

      • GSR bass guitar in Red
      • 10W bass amp
      • Gig bag
      • Electronic tuner
      • Headphones
      • Stand
      • Strap
      • Cable
      • Picks
      • Accessories Pouch