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      Ibanez UKS10 Soprano Ukulele

      Ibanez UKS10 Soprano Ukulele

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      Sounds of the islands, produced with strong and beautiful tonewoods, priced for anyone to own.

      The UKS10 Soprano Ukulele from Ibanez is a sweet-toned, nylon-stringed instrument with luxurious tonewoods built to stand the test of time.

      Built on the soprano-style platform and size, the UKS10 features a dark sapele body, presenting an unmistakable warm ukulele sound with soaring lows and mids.

      The rosewood bridge and fretboard provide clear sustain. Dressed in a natural low-gloss finish, the wood's true beauty comes through and presents a 4-string of incredible beauty and unmatched tone.

      The ukulele originated in 19th-century Hawaii. It gained great popularity in the U.S. during the early 20th century, and from there spread internationally. Ibanez ukuleles bring the rich, textured sounds of Hawaii (and more) to your fingertips.

      Includes gig bag.


      • Body shape: Soprano style
      • Neck: Mahogany
      • Body: Sapele
      • Tuners: Open gear chrome tuners
      • Fretboard: Rosewood
      • Bridge: Rosewood
      • Strings: Standard
      • Finishes: Natural low-gloss
      • Includes gig bag