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      Laney IRTPULSE Irt-Pulse Preamp with USB
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      Laney IRTPULSE Irt-Pulse Preamp with USB

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      Laney IRTPULSE Irt-Pulse Preamp with USB

      The IRT-PULSE is a unique product designed and engineered in the U.K. to give guitar players the most versatile all tube pre-amp in the business. IRT-PULSE is an all-tube multi-functional USB guitar interface, pre-amp, practice tool and fly rig. Plug into the IRT-PULSE and instantly have your tube tone wherever you want it in your DAW. The IRT-PULSE enables leadless re-amping at the push of a button saving valuable time in the studio nailing your guitar tone. With on-board cabinet emulation and a headphone facility the IRT-PULSE is a totally silent all tube practice rig. With comprehensive EQ and on-board cabinet emulation the IRT-PULSE is the ultimate compact fly rig, or use the IRT-PULSE as a pre-amp in your pedal board set-up with its foot switching capability for a great all-tube pre-amp and boost. Simply plug in your headphones and backing tracks into the IRT-PULSE for silent practice.


      The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal – split left and right to your DAW – directly into either your PC/MAC or iPad*.


      A re-amp socket works in conjunction with the T-USB feature on an amp and allows the original dry (left channel) signal to be re-routed back through the pre-amp and be sonically altered.


      Headphones socket with level control

      Switchable Cabinet Emulation

      Switchable cabinet emulation allows you to add the frequency characteristics of a cabinet of your choice to your DI-Signal without the need for micing a cabinet.