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      Olympia EBS440 Bass Guitar Strings

      Olympia EBS440 Bass Guitar Strings

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      Brand: Olympia
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      High quality & longer lasting high performance electric bass guitar strings. The strings deliver great tone, durability & accurate intonation. Made from the finest Nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around the hexagonal steel core wire, producing a higher magnetic response & provide great volume sustain & strength. This also achieves a tighter bond between the core wire & outer wrapping which virtually eliminates slipping of winds. They are manufactured to the highest standards to enhance your musical enjoyment & performance. Build to last & ideal for virtually any bass guitar & skill level of musicians.
      • Type: Nickel Wound, 045-100, Long Scale
      • Gauge: 1st G - 045, 2nd D - 065, 3rd A - 080, 4th E - 100
      • Package: 1 box pack / 4 strings