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      Paiste 101 18" Crash / Ride Cymbal

      Paiste 101 18" Crash / Ride Cymbal

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      Brand: Paiste
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      Multipurpose cymbal combines the power of a crash with the control of a ride.

      Soft- to medium-volume cymbal with medium sustain and a pronounced stick sound. Overall character is fairly dark, full, and focused. Crash attack is fast and powerful with an even, balanced feel. Soft and mellow ride qualities.

      The 101 Brass cymbals are crafted using advanced modern manufacturing tools and rigorous programmed design parameters for precise mechanical shaping. These cymbals deliver powerful, musical sound at all volume settings and excel playing live for an entire range of music styles. The replacement for the 302 series, you can expect the same well-known sound and performance with a boost in engineering and quality.

      101 Brass cymbals are made from an especially sonorous copper-based brass alloy.


      • Sound Character: Fairly dark, full, focused. Medium range, clean mix. Even, responsive feel, explosive attack.
      • Size: 18 Inch
      • Weight: Medium
      • Volume: Medium soft to medium loud
      • Stick Sound: Fairly washy
      • Intensity: Lively
      • Sustain: Medium short
      • Bell Character: Integrated