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      Paiste PST3 14"Crash Cymbal

      Paiste PST3 14"Crash Cymbal

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      Brand: Paiste
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      Crash from Paiste PST 3 14" regular Crash

      sound: For the manufacture of affordable cymbals with ample quality Paiste uses modern, hi-tech production techniques in their German production facility. The decisive objective in this effort is the successful transfer of the spirit and essence of our Swiss knowledge about sound to such manufacturing methods.

      Value: The results of these intensive efforts are the new Paiste Sound Technology cymbals - PST 3 and PST 5. With these series Paiste presents affordable cymbals with never before realized sound quality and professional appearance.

      Paiste Sound Technology cymbals are the perfect starting point to enter the incomparable world of Paiste sound.
      PST3: PST 3 cymbals are made from a selected and especially sonorous brass copper based alloy. Thanks to our new production method, these especially affordable cymbals achieve a new dimension in sound and quality.


      • Diameter: 14" (35,56 cm)
      • Alloy: Brass
      • Finish: Regular
      • Thickness: Medium
      • Sound: Wider and clearer sound, high performance with more dynamic
      • Assembly: Machined