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      Pearl FC1450C Free Floating Snare Drum
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      Pearl FC1450C Free Floating Snare Drum

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      Brand: Pearl
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      Pearl is known the world over for making some of the finest snare drums in the industry. And when a drummer is ready to experiment with different sounds, usually the first thing to change is the snare, the cornerstone of your kit.

      Pearl's Free Floating Snare Drums feature a patented system with no hardware attached to the shells. With nothing to encumber its ringing clarity, the shells are free to vibrate with unbridled response and true articulation. These snare drums are available in several sizes and 4 different shell materials: Brass, Copper, Steel and 6 ply premium Maple. All Free Floaters feature our SR-1000F Glide-Lock Strainer with locking snare tension knob and patented locking throw-off lever that will not loosen no matter how hard you play.


      • Size: 14" x 5" mm
      • Shell: Copper
      • Hoops: MasterCast
      • Lugs: FT-50
      • Rods: 10
      • Tension Rods: SST-5042 Stainless Steel Tension Rods
      • Strainer: SR-1000F Glide Lock Strainer
      • Snares: SN-1420I Ultra-Sound "I" Type