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      Planet Waves Ear Plugs (Pairs)

      Planet Waves Ear Plugs (Pairs)

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      Protect your hearing, protect your music.

      The Planet Waves Pacato hearing protection is a reusable, universal sized audio filter designed specifically for musicians and music enthusiasts. While other hearing protection can sound muffled and un-natural, the Pacato filters provide full frequency, enjoyable audio at safe listening levels. The exclusive design offers an open air passage to the ear, minimizing occlusion effect (low frequency emphasis), while keeping the ear ventilated for unmatched comfort.

      As musicians, Planet Waves understands the importance of taking proper care of our ears. Every musician needs to safeguard their hearing from the damaging effects of loud sound sources for extended periods of time. Planet Waves' complete line of hearing protection allows you to enjoy listening and playing music while minimizing any damage to your hearing.


      • Provides a noise reduction rating of 12dB when used as directed
      • Provides natural sound at safe listening levels
      • Universal size fits all ears comfortably
      • Reusable and includes carrying pouch