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      Roland TD07KV

      Roland TD07KV

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      The Next Step in Your Electronic Drumming Journey

      Conveniently compact and ideal for drumming at home, the TD-07KV V-Drums kit delivers the superior expression and playability of high-end V-Drums in an affordable package. Roland’s original ultra-quiet, double-ply mesh heads feature across the snare and tom pads, while large crash and ride pads and a dedicated kick pad with realistic, satisfying pedal feel round out the kit. The TD-07KV also lets you explore creative opportunities that go far beyond any acoustic kit, with deep editing tools to craft custom sounds, onboard Bluetooth to play along with music tracks and lessons, USB to connect with computer recording software, and much more.

      Genuine V-Drums Performance

      Over two-plus decades, Roland V-Drums have established a well-earned reputation as the most realistic, best playing, and best sounding electronic drums available, bar none. Laying the path for all electronic drums sets that have followed, V-Drums are often imitated, but never equaled or bettered. The TD-07KV fully embodies this proud legacy, bringing you the finest electronic drumming experience available in its class.

      Exceptional Sound

      The heart of any great electronic drum set is a powerful, capable, and speedy sound module—and the TD-07 fully meets these demands. At your command are acoustic drums and percussion captured in precise detail in pro studios, brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts as you play them. There’s a wide range of electronic percussion as well, plus the ability to personalize each and every sound to your liking.

      Authentic Roland Mesh-Head Pads

      In 1997, Roland introduced the world’s first mesh drumhead to universal acclaim, and they’ve been the de facto standard ever since. Born of years of development, our unique double-layer mesh design offers natural stick resistance and rebound that feels very close to playing an acoustic drumhead, plus adjustable tension that lets you fine-tune the feel using a standard drum key. Single-ply mesh heads used on other electronic drums are not made of the same material, so they don’t feel as good to play. They can also provide less accurate sensing, resulting in poor dynamic response and mis-triggering. The TD-07KV comes supplied with authentic Roland mesh-head snare and tom pads as standard, giving you the most accurate playing feel and sensing available.

      SPECIFICATIONSKit configuration (*1)Kick: KD-10
      Snare: PDX-8
      Hi-hat: CY-5
      Hi-hat control pedal: Detactable for half-open stroke
      Tom: PDX-6A x 3 *2
      Crash: CY-8
      Ride: CY-8
      Drum stand: Four-post type rack standDrum kits50 (Preset: over 20)Instruments143Effect TypesPad Equalizer: each pad
      Overhead Mic Simulator
      Multi-Effects: 1 system, 30 typesCoach functions (5 modes)Time check (easy)
      Time check (hard)
      Quiet count
      Auto up/down
      Change-upMetronomeTempo (20--260)
      Rhythm type (5 types)
      Sounds (15 types)BluetoothSupported standards: Bluetooth Ver 4.2
      Supported profile: A2DP (Audio), GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy)
      Codec: SBC (Support to the content protection of the SCMS-T method)Display16 characters x 2 lines LCD (with backlight)ConnectorsOUTPUT/PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type
      MIX IN jack: Stereo miniature phone type
      USB COMPUTER port: USB B type
      TRIGGER INPUT connector: DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat control)USB COMPUTERSpeed: Hi-speed USB
      Driver mode: Generic, Vender
      Protocol: USB MIDI, USB Audio *3USB AudioSampling Rate (original): 44.1 kHz
      Sampling Rate (with sampling rate converter): 96 kHz, 48 kHz
      Record: 2 channels
      Playback: 2 channelsPower supplyAC adaptor (DC 12 V)Current draw250 mA