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      TAMA Club-JAM kit 4 pc drum ( Excluding cymbals)

      TAMA Club-JAM kit 4 pc drum ( Excluding cymbals)

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      We are proud to offer a new compact kit – the "Club-JAM" Kit. This kit adopts some ideas from vintage kits, such as a cymbal holder mounted directly on the bass drum shell and curved bass drum spurs, further setting it apart from the typical compact kit.
      Focused yet deep sound from Mersawa / Poplar hybrid shell is just right for small and intimate gigs. Its compact size and configuration make it ideal for working drummers, and it fits comfortably on just about any stage.


      6ply 7mm Mersawa / Poplar hybrid shell

      Compact sizes for easy transport

      DSS48LJ Bag Set Sold Separately

      Bass Drum Wood Hoop

      Bass Drum Mounted Cymbal Holder



      Unicolor Wrap Finishes: Shell Kit and below Hardware

      Description Q'ty
      12"x18" Bass Drum 1
      7"x10" Tom Tom 1
      7"x14" Floor Tom 1
      5"x13" Snare Drum 1
      Single Tom Holder 1
      Cymbal Holder 1
      LJK48H4 Shell Kit with 4pc Hardware
      LJK48S 4pc Shell Kit plus
      Drum Pedal 1
      Snare Stand 1
      Hi-Hat Stand 1
      Drum Throne 1