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      Tama Rhythm Mate 5pcs Drumset

        Tama Rhythm Mate 5pcs Drumset

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        Brand: TAMA
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        TAMA's entry-level Rhythm Mate drum kit provides the precise bearing edges for easy tuning that beginners need and the wide tuning range that pros demand. TAMA's original Accu-Tune Bass Drum Hoops offer faster, more consistent tuning than traditional metal hoops. And if that wasn't enough, the hardware is equipped with double-braced legs for increased stability.
        TAMA Rhythm Mate drums are changing the way entry-level kits are designed.

        DRUM SPECS:
        Model: Rhythm Mate RM52KH6
        Finish/Colour: Unicolor Wrap (Red Stream, Wine Red, Galaxy Silver, White & Black)
        Snare: 5"x14"
        Toms: 7"x10" Tom Tom x1 / 8"x12" Tom Tom / 15"x16" Floor Tom
        Bass: 16"x22" with tom holder base x1
        Hardware: MTH50 Double Tom Holder x 1 / HP10 Drum Pedal x 1 / HS03W Snare Stand 1 / HC03W    Straight Cymbal Stand x 2 / HH03W Hi-Hat Stand x 1

        Drum throne & Cymbal are not include. Sold seperately.