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      Vox SL1G Amplifier Multi Effect Stomplab Pedal for Guitar
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      Vox SL1G Amplifier Multi Effect Stomplab Pedal for Guitar

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      Vox StompLab series of effect pedals are impressive new contenders that pack powerful sounds into compact and sophisticated looking metal bodies. Sound variations are categorized by style, such as rock, blues, and ballad, making it easy for even novice users to recall the desired sound.

      In addition to the StompLab IG's dedicated guitar modeling and the StompLab IB dedicated bass modeling, the line-up also includes the StompLab IIG and IIB which provide an expression pedal. With high-quality looks, plus its high quality sound, the StompLab series will be a great companion for the guitarist or bassist for years to come. Multi-effects units contain an incredibly diverse array of sounds that range from distorted to clean, and the sheer number of these sounds can be staggering.

      Although having a large number of sounds is a great advantage, it can also overwhelm the novice user, causing difficulty or confusion. The StompLab series is designed to be easily usable, even by novice players. Since each program is named with a musical style, such as rock, blues, or metal. You'll be able to find the perfect sound without being concerned with specific effect names.

      The musical styles are categorized into ten types, and cover everything from straight-ahead traditional styles to quirky, unusual sounds. There are ten variations for each category, so you're sure to find sounds you like. Simply playing the preset sounds is a lot of fun, but you'll definitely want to create some of your own original sounds as well. The StompLab IG contains 103 types of modeling effects. These effects are categorized as pedal, amp, drive, cabinet, modulation, delay, and reverb effects. When noise reduction is included, you can use up to 8 of them simultaneously. Each effect type provides multiple parameters that you can deeply edit to create your perfect sound.



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      17.8 x 5.1 x 17.8 cm


      4 AA batteries required. (included)

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