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      Yamaha DD65 Portable Digital Drum
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      Yamaha DD65 Portable Digital Drum

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      Designed from a drummer's point of view, the DD-65 features eight touch-sensitive pads, two drum pedals, and AUX IN for playing along with your MP3 player.

      Drummer-Friendly And Stylish

      The drummer-friendly and stylish design of the Yamaha DD-65 marks a transition to a more professional and versatile digital-drumming instrument. AUX IN jack lets you connect an MP3 player and play along with your favorite music or load MIDI songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM memory and play along.

      Wide Variety Of Stereo-Sampled Voices

      New stereo-sampled voices, a wide variety of percussion sounds from all over the world, a bass boost system, and digital stereo processing give the DD-65 an irresistible, thundering beat. The panel includes intuitive features that are easy to operate. For example, select the Hand Percussion mode and the kit automatically switches to percussion voices like congas and bongos. With its powerful features, this product is no toy. Anyone can enjoy it.


      • 8 touch-sensitive drum pads allow expressive playing
      • AUX IN jack for connecting and playing along with an MP3 player
      • Tempo control using Tap Start
      • Hand percussion mode with Latin drums allows playing with hands
      • 254 GM compatible voices assignable to any pad
      • Two assignable foot pedals included for kick, hi-hat, or any other voice
      • 100 built-in songs for learning and playing along
      • 50 programmed drum kits and custom kits
      • 32-note polyphony
      • Reverb and Master EQ
      • Large 3-digit LED shows selection
      • Record your own songs (up to 5 in memory at one time)
      • MIDI in/out for computer connectivity
      • Headphone jack
      • Stereo speakers with bass port provide great sound quality