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      Yamaha P32D Pianica Keyboard Wind Instrument - Blue Box
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      Yamaha P32D Pianica Keyboard Wind Instrument - Blue Box

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      Set in beautiful sound and clear tone conspicuously, volume is abundant, too. Range is wide, from upper grades to lower grades, popular types that can be utilized more diverse. Close to the joy and pleasure from children to adults, to express in a clear tone, playing melody in expressive in the control of breath.

      You can do it while checking in the eyes of learning chord. I am blessed with characteristics of the wind instrument and keyboard instruments. Because it is convenient for carrying, you can play as well outdoors as well as indoors.

      Migration recorder, wind instrument, to the keyboard is also an easy instrument. and tone done bright, good design-rising balance of quick sound, I realize rich volume tone and clear bright, the rise of quick sound.

      By applying to lead a special anti-rust paint forever pitch accurate and stable, and keep it for a long time a stable pitch and tone to prevent the deterioration of the metal, clear. valve and packing (sponge rubber seamless) prevent air chamber packing breath leak, and has prevented a thorough breath leak valve without deviation.

      Use a dedicated spring each keyboard key white-black key no blurring of the touch feeling smooth (blur prevention guided), and has realized the smooth touch feeling. carrying and handling compact design is easy lightweight, better elementary school, adult from infant to, available widely. robust plastic case employing a double blow molded hard case hollow durable, also available as a music stand.


      • Body size: 425 x 96 x 49mm
      • Age: from 5 years