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      NUX Oceanic Reverb Mini Pedal
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      NUX Oceanic Reverb Mini Pedal

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      NUX Oceanic, a reverb effect as vast and deep as its name.  Its  minimalistic design sails past the competition giving you endless parameter choices with one single knob. Studio-grade hardware performance makes it an essential in your arsenal of effects. 
      Room, Hall, and Square-wave or even Outer-space reverb.  It’s all there, with a simple twist of a knob.
      Pressing the footswitch activates a green-light indicator,  transforming the DECAY knob into a wet/dry mix control. 
      Demanding guitarists want a reverb that doesn’t drown-out their tone, and Oceanic was designed with this in mind.  Instead of dull and shallow you’ll get a deep full-sounding reverb that’s so seamless, you might even forget your jamming with it.   
      To make Oceanic a great digital reverb pedal, we used a powerful 32-bit DSP to process the complexity of its algorithm. To make it a unique reverb pedal, we programmed loads of studio-sound shaping parameters into that algorithm:  Envelope Control, Multi-stage Cascade Diffuser, Multi-band Tone Decay Adjustment, Random Adjustment of Tail-tone Delay, and lots more !  We even built in a compressor mold to help fine-tune  your reverb dynamics.  NUX is, once again, proud to re-define the mini pedal with Oceanic, a truly extraordinary reverb pedal.
      Use Micro USB-port to upgrade the firmware.
      Oceanic can be switched in between true-bypass and buffer bypass.

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