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      	Maono AU-CM10S Shotgun Camera Vlog Microphone Kit

      Maono AU-CM10S Shotgun Camera Vlog Microphone Kit

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      Brand: Maono
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      • Video and audio solution: Package includes a mini tripod and phone mount to take video, making vlog in a professional level and showing to audience with tripod, compact to go in monopod model
      • Clear recording shotgun mic: Super Cardioid mic to reduce surrounding sounds, making your subject isolating from background noise and delivering crisp, clear audio
      • Plug and play: Incredibly easy to use, just plug it then use this video mic with your device, no other setup needed
      • Universal compatibility: Works with DSLR camera, such as Canon Nikon, camcorder, iOS iPhone iPad android Smart Phone, tablets, PC, Laptop and Mac, it would be compact when using on camera
      • Professional wind foam included: A professional wind foam is including in package as gift, to reduce wind noise
      • Durable metal construction: Aluminium case of microphone to have a light weight
      • Battery free design: No need to install any battery for power, use it anytime anywhere